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The coatings of aluminum casting

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The coatings of aluminum casting manufacturers give the appearance a beautiful appearance, and can also isolate the surface of the aluminum casting from the outside world.


In the casting process of aluminum casting manufacturers, the coating plays an important role, not only to make the appearance beautiful, but also to make the surface of the aluminum casting isolated from the outside. In the aluminum casting process, the coating is also applied and applied to the surface of the aluminum casting manufacturer to make it better. However, this influence is also related to aluminum castings. Under the excellent coating and reasonable coating process, the aluminum casting process will change greatly.

Under normal circumstances, most of the coatings used in aluminum castings are graphite powder. Since graphite powder has good releasability, it will produce carbon monoxide gas and bright carbon film in the process of casting, solidification and cooling, which is not only effective. Prevents the interaction between the molten metal and the core surface while preventing it from sticking to the sand.

Secondly, after casting the aluminum casting coating, the coating layer forms a layer of slag with the surface of the casting, which also acts as a barrier to prevent the penetration of the molten metal and stick the refractory aggregate together. Since the slag layer will chemically react with the molten metal, when the cooling is performed, the shrinkage coefficients of the slag shell layer and the casting metal are relatively large, and a relatively large shear stress is generated.

If a metal and a metal oxide which are susceptible to reaction are formulated into a coating, it is used in an aluminum casting to form a refractory oxide by thermal reaction. This is what we call oxidation. Whether the aluminum casting is sanded or not depends largely on whether there is an iron oxide layer between the casting and the coating layer. That is to say, once the oxide reaches a certain thickness, the effect of preventing chemical sticking is achieved.

This proves that whether it is aluminum casting or aluminum sanding, the application of the coating will affect the whole process. To ensure that it will not have a negative impact on the casting process or castings, the type of coating should be correctly selected. Also be reasonable.

Coatings not only affect the surface quality and performance of aluminum castings, but also closely related to all aspects of the aluminum casting process. Do not ignore this aspect.

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