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Aluminum casting

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The aluminum casting is a device of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy obtained by a casting process. Generally, a sand mold or a metal mold is used to pour aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to a liquid state into a cavity, and the obtained aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of various shapes and sizes are generally referred to as aluminum die castings.

Aluminum casting is a kind of pressure casting part. It is a pressure casting mechanical die casting machine with a mold. The aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid is poured into the inlet of the die casting machine, and die-cast by die casting machine to cast the mold limit. Aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of a shape and size, such parts are often referred to as aluminum die castings. Aluminum castings are used in a wide range of applications, such as auto parts, various household items, and industrial machine parts. It has different names in different places, such as aluminum die-cast parts, die-cast aluminum parts, die-cast aluminum parts, die-cast aluminum parts, aluminum alloy die-casting parts, etc.

Aluminum casting processing:

(1) Ingredients: Calculate the amount of various alloy components according to the specific alloy grades that need to be produced, and reasonably match various raw materials.

(2) Smelting: The prepared raw materials are added to the melting furnace for melting according to the process requirements, and the impurities and gases in the melt are effectively removed by degassing and slag refining means.

(3) Casting: The molten aluminum liquid is cooled and cast into various round casting rods under a certain casting process condition through a deep well casting system.

(4) Extrusion: Extrusion is a means of forming a profile. Firstly, the mold is designed and manufactured according to the section of the profile product, and the heated round cast rod is extruded from the mold by an extruder. The commonly used grade 6063 alloy is also subjected to an air-cooling quenching process and an artificial aging process after extrusion to complete the heat treatment strengthening. Different grades of heat treatable reinforced alloys have different heat treatment regimes.

(5) Oxidation: The extruded aluminum alloy profile has low surface corrosion resistance and must be surface treated by anodizing to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum material.

(6) Surface pretreatment: The surface of the profile is cleaned by chemical or physical means to expose a pure matrix to facilitate the obtaining of a complete and dense artificial oxide film. It is also possible to obtain a specular or matt (matte) surface by mechanical means.

(7) Anodizing: After surface pretreatment, under certain process conditions, the surface of the substrate is anodized to form a dense, porous, strong adsorption AL203 film.

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