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Aluminum castings solve various technical problems of automobile engine cylinder heads

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Aluminium castings are used in many parts of the car. This article focuses on the cylinder head of the car engine. It has only recently been noticed that almost all car engine cylinder heads are cast from aluminum alloy, and the cylinder head is also a typical aluminum casting. For aluminum castings, the engine cylinder head is a very important automotive component product. But it is a complex and important casting part, because many of the core components of the car engine are installed here, such as the combustion chamber, intake pipe, exhaust pipe and so on.

Since the cylinder head will operate at a high temperature in the engine, and the thermal shock it is subjected to is also very large, it is easy to cause a problem of stress concentration. It is precisely because of this that the requirements for the material of the cylinder head are relatively high, and the aluminum castings manufacturer meets the above requirements with excellent characteristics.

In addition to being light in weight, the aluminum casting manufacturer has an outstanding advantage in that it has excellent thermal conductivity. For cars and light-duty engines, the use of aluminum alloy cylinder heads can make the engine more efficient and avoid overheating of parts in the combustion chamber inside the cylinder head.

Since the cylinder head is an aluminum casting manufacturer with complicated inner cavity structure and uneven wall thickness, and the inner cavity of the cylinder head also has pressure sealing requirements, it brings certain difficulties to the casting process. Traditionally, aluminum cylinder head casting has been mainly carried out by a metal casting process and a low pressure casting process, and then gasification die casting and sand type low pressure casting have appeared.

In contrast, the gasification mold casting process is more suitable for aluminum casting manufacturers, such as cylinder heads and intake pipes, which have complex internal cavities and require sand core molding. Because it is not typed, can not mold, does not use sand core, and the aluminum casting manufacturer is easy to clean, good surface finish, high dimensional accuracy, can achieve mass production.

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