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Classification of large-sized aluminum castings Large-scale

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    aluminum castings of common shapes generally adopt sand casting technology, so that a strong casting process can be followed, and a casting process mode can be established.

     For large-scale and box-type aluminum castings, it is difficult to control the wall thickness. In the process design, the outer mold and the core box should adopt different casting shrinkage rates. In addition, the core core should be increased.

     Large-scale ring-shaped and plate-type aluminum castings are prone to deformation, and anti-deformation lacing should be prevented for the specific structure and shape of the casting. In addition, the riser is not placed in the casting itself as much as possible, and after the pouring is completed, it is completely cooled and then unpacked.

     If the box type casting contains a separator with a thin thickness and a sharp direction, the casting system should meet the requirement of filling the separator as soon as possible.

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