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Why is aluminum casting so widely used?

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Due to the precise size of the aluminum castings and the smooth appearance of the table, it can be directly used after machining, so it not only improves the utilization rate of the metal, but also reduces the price of a large number of processing equipment and man-hour castings. Easy to use combined die casting and other metal or non-metal materials, saving assembly time and saving metal. Although aluminum castings have many advantages, they also have some shortcomings that remain to be solved. For example, in the case of die casting, the liquid metal filling cavity has a high speed and the state is unstable, so the general die casting method is adopted. Castings are prone to generate air holes, and heat treatment is not possible, and it is difficult to die-cast a complicated casting. High melting point alloy: such as copper, ferrous metal, die casting type has a lower life; it is not suitable for small batch production, the main reason is the high manufacturing cost of aluminum castings, high production efficiency of die casting machine, and uneconomical production in small batches.


    Die casting is widely used. Aluminum castings are one of the most advanced metal forming methods. They are an effective way to achieve less chips and no chips. They are widely used and developed rapidly. At present, die-casting alloys are no longer limited to zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper of non-ferrous metals, but are also gradually being used for cast iron and steel castings. The size and weight of the die casting depends on the power of the die casting machine. Due to the increasing power of the die casting machine, the casting shape can range from a few millimeters to 1-2 m; the weight can range from a few grams to several tens of kilograms. Foreignly, it can die-cast aluminum castings with a diameter of 2m and a weight of 50kg. Die-casting parts are no longer limited to the automotive industry and instrument industry, and gradually expand to dozens of other industrial sectors, such as agricultural machinery, machine tool industry, electronics industry, defense industry, computers, medical equipment, watches, cameras and daily-use hardware. industry. In the die-casting technology, new processes such as vacuum die-casting, oxygen-added die-casting, precision-speed die-casting, and application of soluble cores have emerged.

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