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The obvious advantages of precision casting

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In the precision casting, the lost foam production process is used to produce the castings. It mainly requires three-dimensional vibrating table, vacuum negative pressure system, special sand box, foam cutting machine, paint mixer and other equipment. Through production experiments, we find that the lost foam production process is adopted. The surface of the cast product has a high surface finish and a certain improvement in casting precision.

The lost foam precision casting process has good copying performance. Compared with the traditional casting method, the production rate has been greatly improved, and the cost of the mold is also reduced. It is no longer necessary to use the sand core, which naturally increases. The precision of the casting.

Although the production using the lost foam precision casting method can greatly reduce the production cost, there are still various problems in the production process: 1 The casting production using the lost foam casting process is likely to result in a more traditional process than the conventional process. The yield is still low, because the technical difficulty of lost foam casting is improved compared with the traditional casting method; 2 the castings produced by the lost foam process are easily affected by other factors and cause a large number of pores, because if used There is a problem in the quality of the paint, which easily causes the gas generated by the vaporization during the vaporization to be difficult to be discharged, resulting in the appearance of pores. Therefore, in order to carry out the lost foam precision casting, it is necessary to ensure the quality of various other materials; Compared with the casting method, the lost foam casting method still causes dust to fly in the workshop.

Although there are various factors in the process of lost foam casting, it still has a good development prospect, and still has obvious advantages compared with the traditional casting method.

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