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Aluminum casting

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In many places in daily life, such aluminum castings are needed. For example, in the automobile industry, most of the internal pipe fittings of the automobile are made of such aluminum parts, and aluminum parts are made. Automotive pipe fittings are durable and resistant to rust. In addition, this aluminum part can be used in many other areas, such as metallurgy, machinery, construction, and chemical industries. Since the invention of the casting process, aluminum parts have brought good news to all walks of life, and all industries have to use it.

Aluminum castings generally have to bear a large load, and the quality can not be too large for handling, so the product generally requires a metal casting process, but in actual production, the pouring and blasting system is still formed in the sand mold. Since the pouring and blasting system is generally arranged above the casting, and the slab-type castings are subjected to loads, there are more partitions inside, and the structure is more complicated, so that in the case of the topping, the molten metal in the cavity will be seriously generated. Turbulence phenomenon, oxidation inclusions are more serious. In the process design of this type of aluminum castings, the following factors should be noted: First, a large machining allowance is left on the upper surface of the aluminum casting to remove the oxidized inclusions floating on the top as much as possible. Second, for large aluminum castings with a large number of partitions, it is important to avoid the occurrence of insufficient casting defects. The exhaust of the casting itself is very important. Thirdly, when using the metal casting top injection process, in the case of not being able to set enough risers, a funnel-shaped runner can be arranged in a key part, and as the liquid level in the runner continuously sinks, multiple filling is performed to achieve sufficient The effect of feeding.

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