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About Us

Located in Shanghai, Shanghai M-HE Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary company of Changzhou Mach-tec Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. As one of the best suppliers in the field of investment casting industry, the mother company, Changzhou Mach-tec has got the quality system certification of JWWA (Japan Water Works Association) and ISO9001. In order to develop overseas market, we applied for independent import and export operation rights, and Shanghai M-HE was founded. 

Relying on the experiences of the parent company of production, process and marketing of mechanical products for over 20 years, our products are various, in terms of materials, mainly include: stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, aluminum, zinc, alloy steel, bronze and brass; processing methods and production technologies mainly include: investment casting (silica sol & water glass process), sand casting, die casting, forging, stamping & drawing, welding, machining from bar stock, extruding and etc. Precision casting parts and  precision machined parts are our best products.

Through years of operation, we are deeply aware of the importance of customer satisfaction, for this purpose, we will improve the quality of service from 4 aspects. 

1.Manage accurate delivery date: Get familiar with local and overseas logistics. Make full use of the advantages in the logistics-developed Shanghai port.

2.Ensure full communications and high quality: our products cover a variety of materials and processes, so we know better about these types of materials and production techniques than others. Therefore, with these professional knowledge, we can grasp the requirements accurately, select the best mode according to customers' demands, and control the quality of the products. All this can save much time and cost for customers

3.Stabilize supply chain system: In order to guarantee each part can be carried out stably and efficiently, we select good suppliers after comprehensive comparison, the factors are like location, scale, capability, etc. Our suppliers covers many kinds of processing technology and have advanced machinery, which enable us to supply diverse mechanical products covering nearly all kinds of materials, processing methods and production technologies

4.Widen business range and sales channels: For over 20 years, we've been doing manufacturing, our business covers many fields including petrochemical equipments, hydraulic equipments, printing and dyeing equipment, beverage filling machinery, chemical equipments, drying machine, light-fixture, vehicle accessories, infrastructure spare parts, etc. Our products are exported all over the world, include Japan, U.S, Germany, Italy, etc. These experiences give us a better understanding of customer needs, and we will try to go further.

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