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Ten things that must be paid attention to in precision casting!

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1. Unblock all obstacles to the channel and site.

2. Check if the ladle is dry, whether the bottom of the bag, the ear, the bag and the end are safe and reliable, and whether the rotation is flexible. Do not use dry

Iron ladle.

3, all tools in contact with molten iron, must be preheated to 500 degrees Celsius before use, otherwise it should not be used.

4, the ladle should not exceed 80% of the volume, the ladle should be smooth and slow, keep the steps to prevent the overflow of molten iron.

Cast iron

5, before the crane crane should check the iron of the hook, the chain is reliable, the chain is not allowed to knot, there is a person responsible for tracking the iron in the water

There must be no staff on the line.

6. Strictly implement the "six will not fall":

(1) The temperature of molten iron is not enough;

(2) The molten iron grade is not poured;

(3) not blocking the slag;

(4) no sand box;

(5) not pouring outside the door;

(6) Iron water is not enough.

7, castings should be accurate and stable, can not be poured into the sand box from the molten iron, see the molten iron.

8. When the molten iron enters the sand, the steam hole and the riser are ignited at any time, and the exhaust gas is exhausted from the box to prevent the poisonous gas and the molten metal from splashing and injuring people.

9. The rest of the molten iron should be poured into the prepared mold or bunker. Do not fall on the sand and the ground to prevent the molten iron. Running a fire or its

It allows molten iron to flow on the ground, rather than clearing it before it can be covered by sand.

10. All equipment should be checked for safety and reliability before use and cleaned up after use.


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