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Machining precision parts, precision machining is more durable

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Machined precision parts are also referred to as "parts" such as bearings, etc., which are simply connected. A part is a single piece that cannot be separated in a machine. The fundamental component of a machine is also the fundamental unit in the process of mechanical production. The manufacturing process generally does not require a device process. Such as bushings, bushings, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rods, connecting rods, etc. Machining of automotive components constitutes the fundamental component of machinery, forming a single piece of non-separable parts of machinery and machinery.

Mechanical parts are not only a discipline for the study and design of mechanical basic parts in various equipment, but also a general term for parts and components. Precision parts A precision machining process is a process in which the shape or function of a workpiece is modified by a processing machine. According to the temperature state of the workpiece being processed, it is divided into cold working and hot working. Generally processed at room temperature, and does not cause chemical or phase changes of the workpiece, called cold processing. Generally, processing at a temperature higher or lower than the normal temperature causes a chemical or physical phase change of the workpiece, which is called thermal processing. Cold working can be divided into cutting and press working according to different processing methods. Thermal processing is rare with heat treatment, casting, casting and welding. It can be installed into the basic parts of machines, appearances and various equipment. It is generally a member that is made without the use of a device process.

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