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Automotive stampings

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                                                                      Automotive stampings

Automotive stamping parts, for some of its related problems, we also want to learn, understand and master, otherwise, we can not do a good job of learning this product,

Thereby to carry out a comprehensive understanding and understanding.

1. What are the available materials for some small stamping parts on the car?

Some small stamping parts on the car can be made of materials such as DC01, ST12, SPHE and SPHC. Among them, DC01 and ST12 are the most used.

2. What are the precision stamping parts on the car?

Precision stamping parts for automobiles, mainly including various types of stamping terminals, shrapnel and leaf springs.

3. What is the production process of automotive stamping parts?

Automotive stamping parts, the production process is: drawing - making stamping die - template preparation - heat treatment - grinding - assembly and test mode - sample delivery.

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