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How to clean the surface of stainless steel castings?

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In general, the surface cleaning of stainless steel castings is divided into two categories: dry and wet. The dry cleaning method is mainly shot blasting. The wet cleaning method mainly solves hydraulic clearing, water cleaning, etc. The method of clearing the surface of these two stainless steel castings, such as wet and wet, is for reference.


The dry cleaning method is to clean the surface of the stainless steel casting by the rubbing treatment mainly by shot blasting. The shot blasting is simply to use compressed air as the power to spray the projectile onto the surface of the stainless steel casting at a certain speed to remove the surface. Sand and iron oxide skin, etc., but this friction cleaning method has been adopted by the public because of its low efficiency, uneven cleaning and poor effect, and has been almost eliminated.


The wet-like method is mainly the principle of electro-hydraulic hammer effect. The high-voltage pulse generator is subjected to phase-to-phase discharge through a special electrode placed in water to generate a large hydraulic impact. Since the surface adhesion of the stainless steel casting is different from the elastic modulus and vibration frequency of the casting itself, the purpose of sand cleaning is achieved. For the shape of complex stainless steel castings such as deep holes, blind holes, internal cavity has a more effective cleaning effect. It is the surface cleaning method for a series of castings including the most widely used stainless steel castings.


The above are two common methods for cleaning the surface of stainless steel castings. It is necessary to remind everyone that these two cleaning methods are not only for stainless steel castings, most of the metal casting products need to be surfaced in the process after forming. Cleaning is an indispensable process in metal casting products. For the cleaning of casting surfaces, the most important function is to remove a series of impurities such as sand and iron oxide on the surface of the metal casting, so that the surface of the stainless steel casting becomes stainless steel. Gloss, to achieve the product's implementation standards, so the surface cleaning of stainless steel castings is very important, we must follow the correct method when cleaning the surface of stainless steel castings, in order to ensure the quality of stainless steel casting products.

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