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Manufacturing Network procurement collaboration platform

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SAP Ariba and SAP launch Manufacturing Network procurement collaboration platform

SAP Ariba and SAP have announced the launch of Manufacturing Network, a cloud-based platform that connects companies with manufacturing service providers for collaborating on design through procurement execution.

By collaborating on design, manufacturing and procurement in a coordinated way, companies can optimise production and costs and open the door to innovations and new operating models such as 3D printing and manufacturing as a service that can fuel business growth.

The news came during SAP Ariba Live, the business commerce conference that kicked off today at the RAI Amsterdam.

“Manufacturing today is more distributed and global than ever before,” said Vasee Rayan, Vice President, Solutions Management, Ariba Network.

“To do it well, companies must connect people, processes, things and information, and that’s what networks are all about.”

Simon Ellis, Programme Vice President – Supply Chain IDC Manufacturing Insights, commented. “The digitally enabled, thinking supply chain is a critical journey to take for manufacturers, because while efficiency and effectiveness gains will enable returns on investment in the short term, new ways of doing business and the new capabilities they enable will be essential for the future.

“In leveraging domain specific networks and the technologies underlying them to drive an end-to-end process, manufacturers can drive better efficiency in their supply chains and use that to improve the customer experience.”

More than 3.3mn buyers and suppliers are connected to the Ariba Network and use it to transact over $1.6trn in commerce on an annual basis.

(Excerp from Global Manufacturing)

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