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The New Tendencies of The Shanghai M-HE Factory

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The new green wind blew up in 2017 entered a new and more stringent stage in 2018.

As the country’s environmental requirements for manufacturing factories increase, if companies still keep muddling along and ignore the importance and urgency of environmental protection, they will inevitably decline. Therefore, foundry factory Shanghai M-HE, Changzhou, Jiangsu, under the requirements of the new trend, new actions have been made on the basis of the original environmental protection facilities.

The factory has already invested in environmental protection facilities such as sewage treatment and exhaust gas washing, etc. (See below: The underground of the central open space is the sewage treatment system and the exhaust gas scrubber). 

At the end of 2017, as the increase in environmental protection requirements of local governments, the company abandoned all the coal-roasting furnaces, introduced new natural gas roasters, and spent more than 200 thousand CNY to introduce natural gas pipelines and gas supply systems.

In 2018, with the further strengthening of the environmental protection requirements, to ensure that the factory can achieve  stable production without the impact of environmental monitoring actions, the company reinvested more than 300 thousand CNY to re-lay higher-requirements sewage treatment systems and reservoirs (See below for the status of construction).

With the development and progress of China, the demands for environmental protection will only become higher and higher. In order to survive and meet the customer's requirements for stable production and on-time delivery, Shanghai M-HE will also keep pace with the times and live up to the expectations of customers. Under the current trend of environmental protection, the choice of M-HE, is the choice of a stable production and delivery period!

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